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For a few decades ago, there were local and international rules that were inconsiderable in ship management. The current conventions were a bunch of primitive rules and they were inefficient to apply sanctions. Making new rules and empowering to apply sanctions were regulated by Class Societies. In the elapsed 25 years, not a few new legal arrangements and imposed regulations saddle masters as well as ship owners and managers with serious responsibilities.
Progress in environmental savvy and devastating ship casualties as well as their negative impact in public opinions
triggered these rules and legitimate arrangements. Those regulations become more and more important for tankers due to the cargoes carried and risks taken). As a natural consequence it brought dense and comprehensive inspections and audits for tankers. Obviously all these new circumstances dictate the necessity to handover the managements of ships to Professionals. Apart from many other reasons, the experience and specializations are considered as foremost parameter in shipping.

At Chemfleet, we never forget that either success or failure in international arena will be billed or credited to entire Turkish Shipping Management Community. Individual success will not be considered as an advantage. In today's modern ship management conception team working is not a choice but a necessity. Thus, Chemfleet was founded in 2006 and immediately started to render service for ship owners that are in serious demands for Chemical Tanker Management.
It should be emphasized here that Chemfleet, solely, deals with chemical tanker management as their area of specializations. Chemfleet is not just another experienced team in Turkey; it is the most experienced team in Turkey. Founders and managers as well as supporting team of Chemfleet have a vast experience of at least 10 to 25 years individually in Chemical Tanker Management.   
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